Human Rights

Competing Visions of Human Rights: Questions for U.S. Policy

Over the past several decades, discussion about human rights has permeated international relations, creating a surge in treaties, institutions, and social movements. Yet while the general principle of human rights has been broadly accepted, human rights abuses persist and questions about the subject remain hotly contested.

Using readings, case studies, and primary sources, students examine the evolving role that human rights has played in international politics and explore the current debate on U.S. human rights policy.

Introduction: What are Human Rights?

Part I: A Brief History of Human Rights

Part II: Human Rights in Practice

Part III: Case Studies in Human Rights

Day One Alternative Lesson: Key Concepts in Human Rights

Optional Lesson: Human Rights Controversies

Day Five Lesson: Joining the Debate on U.S. Policy

Featured Scholars

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United Nations
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Brown University
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Council on Foreign Relations
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High Court of South Africa