U.S. Role

The U.S. Role in a Changing World

From the first days of the republic, U.S. citizens have debated how to balance their priorities at home with their involvement in international affairs. Today, the United States continues to wrestle with the task of balancing domestic needs and international concerns. An array of economic, political, cultural, and social problems exist both at home and abroad. For example, how should the United States address climate change? Terrorism? Humanitarian crises? Poverty and inequality? Consensus about how to address these problems and others is hard to achieve. Nevertheless, a healthy democracy requires debate and discussion about the values and policies that shape the United States' place in the world. 

The U.S. Role in a Changing World helps students reflect on global changes, assess national priorities, and decide for themselves the role the United States should play in the world today.

Part I: Considering the United States’ Changing Role

Part II: A Changing World

Part III: Conflict and Military Security

U.S. Role: Videos for Lessons

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