Nigeria: History, Identity, and Change

Nigeria: History, Identity, and Change invites students to explore the history of Africa's most populous country and the largest black country in the world. While Nigeria's importance as a global actor is clear, many people know very little about the country and the diverse people who live there. In this unit, students read about the country's history, from the precolonial era to the present, and are exposed to numerous themes and concepts, such as colonialism, nationalism and national identity, independence, military dictatorships, activism, democracy, and many others. Nigeria: History, Identity, and Change helps students understand the complexities of Nigeria's history and think critically about its present and future.

Part I: Precolonial Nigeria

Part II: Colonization and Independence

Part III: An Independent Nigeria

Part IV: Democracy in Nigeria

Media Coverage: The Niger Delta Conflict

Assessment Using Documents

Nigerian Historical Fictions

Featured Scholars

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