Immigration and the U.S. Policy Debate

To say that the United States is a country of immigrants is an acknowledgment of history. It is also how many U.S. citizens think about their country: a refuge and a place of opportunity for all. But immigrants have not always been welcomed with open arms. Debates about immigration have been omnipresent throughout U.S. history and continue to the present day. Immigration and the U.S. Policy Debate explores the history of immigration to the United States and prepares students to articulate their own views on the future of immigration policy.

Part I: Immigration and the U.S. Experience

Part II: Immigration in a Changing World

Part III: Immigration in the Twenty-First Century

February 25, 2011

Lesson: Refugee Stories: Mapping a Crisis

Lesson: Identifying Problems and Solutions for Resettlement

Featured Scholars

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American University
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Council on Foreign Relations
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