Confronting Genocide: Never Again?

The history of genocide elicits horror and revulsion throughout the world. Yet both the international community and the United States have struggled to respond to this recurring problem. What are the root causes of genocide? Why has the world failed to keep the promise of "never again"? How do individuals and communities respond to and recover from genocide? What role should the United States play?

Confronting Genocide: Never Again? traces the evolution of the international community's response to genocide and examines how the United States has responded to six cases of genocide. The evaluation of multiple perspectives, informed debate, and problem-solving strategies that are encouraged in this curriculum enable students to develop their own recommendations for U.S. policy.

Introduction: Never Again?

Part I: Defining Genocide

Part II: Six Case Studies

Lesson: The Genocide Convention: Five Case Studies

Lesson: Building a Memorial

Featured Scholars

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United Nations
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Brown University
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University of Wisconsin-Madison
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High Court of South Africa